7 Things That Harm Your New Years Resolution 2018

The new year 2018 is expected to be a better year of the current year. Therefore, we also need to specify the new years resolution 2018 so we can have a better target in the next year. In determining the proper resolution, then we should fix the mindset first. Our mindset determines everything.

Do not let us do things here because it can damage the resolutions that are already planned. Ryan Kahn, coach and founder of career “The Hired Group” exposes some bad habits that can make us far away from success. We have to be more careful in order not to do bad habits that can keep us from the success of the resolution.

1. Forgot to Specify Destination

It is very important to prepare for long-term goals and short-term steps you in the new year. The success of yourself walking on the basis of the preparation, if you fail in preparing a strategy to determine the next step you later than you do that can keep you from success.

2. Work on time off

Stop this habit. Holiday time is the time that you use for the break. And for the moment the new year’s holiday is a good time to refresh your mind and gather with your family. Do not let you waste a moment of the fun with work. Try to celebrate new year’s moment to go to the streets, to entertainment venues, gather with friends or family and other activities that can make you happy. Forget for a moment the question of the job that can overload your mind.

3. Do not perform reflexology

Typically, companies have employee performance reviews during the year. However, if you’re not doing so, then you should take the time to do a reflection on your own performance. If you already feel successful or successful with the job you get, then don’t feel like it. You have to keep doing your evaluation of your performance. Surely there will be errors or omissions in your performance. Therefore, you should take the time to evaluate your performance and try to make the next performance is becoming more perfect. And evaluation of this aim should be completed before the new year’s holiday begins.

4. Do not keep good relations

Good relationships with family, girlfriends, co-workers, or anyone else should be maintained because of the good relationship with other people it is very important to your life. People who are far away from success will be very difficult to maintain a good relationship in their lives. The moment of new year holidays can be a great time for you to retain your good relationship with others. Many ways that can be done to it, like sending greeting cards, gifts or give them a call to inquire.

5. Always hold the gadget

Your holiday time is a very important moment. Don’t let any disturbing moments of your vacation, including your smartphone. As we know, at this time the majority of the people cannot be separated from the gadget. Therefore, try to put your gadget and try to interact significantly with the environment and the surrounding people. Forget for a moment the question of gadgets, email, facebook, and others. Take advantage of the moment of your holidays as best as possible.

6. Do not give thanks

Gratitude is the most important thing in gaining success and happiness of life. The less thankful will feel an unhappy life and filled with anxiety. Don’t forget the people who have helped your life, remember you will not be able to live without the help of others.

7. Determination of target overload

This may sound like a less ambitious in pursuing something. Then the target that we make is not achieved, the better we start with a more modest target first. Specify the initial resolution that you believe you can achieve, and when it has been reached then you can upgrade it to more difficult stages.

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