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Habits In The Home That Can Damage Your Hair

Hair is a Crown for everyone, especially for women. Hair that is long and well maintained will give a wonderful impression for you. Therefore you should pay more attention to the health of your hair so you look perfect in front of other people. Very much how to care for the hair to keep it healthy and beautiful. Anyone needs more money and there is also treated with friendly prices. Why should care be taken?

Human daily activities outdoors can damage the health of the hair. Direct sunlight can not only damage your hair but also your other body parts. And then the smoke, dust and other impurities could also provide the impact bad for your hair.  Not only the activity outdoors can damage your hair, here is a habit that is often done at home can damage your hair as well.

1. Bath with hot water

Not only outdoor activity can damage the hair, but the activity in the room such as a bathroom with the warm water turned out to be capable of damaging your hair. It is true if the bath with warm water is so much fun for us. But to your hair that can reduce its quality. Because hot water can eliminate the content of natural oils that are present on your scalp and it can cause the hair and your scalp becomes dry.

2. Choose the Wrong pillow

When you sleep will definitely be very convenient if you are using a pillow. But, did you know that pillows can damage your hair? The actual pillow is made of materials that can damage your hair. Therefore, we recommend that when you want to use a pillow when you sleep your pillow with silk coat so as not to damage your hair.

3. Too harsh when combing

When we rush or late entry will work, it will probably not cause our hair gently. You might be combing your hair with rough. It’s true, Frizz on you will be lost with how rough or smooth combed. But, combing the hair by means of coarse hair can make you feel sick and your hair will be a loss. We suggest that you should treat your hair gently when combing.

4. Tie the hair too tight

Maybe you are a woman who likes hair tied up. Especially if the hair is long. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you tie up your hair, but if you tie it too tight then it can make your hair loss and being broken. Choose the materials for tying soft hair and does not have a connection that can cause damage to the hair.

5. Often use hair styling tools

Using hair styling tools will indeed make you like used to doing treatments on your hair salon. Typically, hair styling tools commonly used by women in the home is a blow dryer, curling iron and hair ok. It turns out that the tool can give bad impact to the health of the hair. The heat used by hair styling tools can damage the lining of the surface of the hair. Therefore, before using hair styling tool you should pay attention to how to use the tool properly. And you should not do this every day.

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