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Fashion Color Trends In 2018

Trends each year certainly vary. This time we talk about colour trends. In the world of fashion in one year there will be a change in the trend, not only in terms of the model but also determines the colour of trends. According to the prediction, the year 2018, it is estimated the trend colours for fashion is brightly coloured clothing. If you have dark coloured clothing, preferably stored in advance.

Let’s watch how fashion designers the creative world of colour trend 2018. You can also get a lot of inspiration by observing style street style. There are 5 colours which are expected to be a trend in the year 2018, among others:

1. Lavender

The first order for colour trends in the year 2018 is lavender or mauve. This colour will give you a soft impression of yourself. World famous designers like Michael Kors and Tibi has issued a collection of fashion with this colour so it can refresh your eyes. Even this colour will also be perfect when combined with the colour of mint. You’ll look like a Princess with soft charisma.

2. Orange

Fashion Color TrendsMaybe for some people, this colour would look strange for you to use. But in the year 2018, this colour will be the predictable trends in the fashion world. So when you use fashion with this colour, you are going to look different and perfect. Orange has shades of light which is very beautiful if used in the jacket, bag or dress. Don’t be afraid to use this colour, you must dare to show trends in your fashion.


3. Yellow

Here, the yellow colour is the colour of lemon yellow or mustard. The safest way to use clothing with yellow colour is to choose a dress with floral motif. If you use this colour in your fashion, then you’ll give the impression of a cheerful on yourself. If you’re feeling less confident with this colour, should you add accessories such as bags, shoes or hats that are relevant to creating your style to be more perfect?

4. Pink

In the year 2017 yesterday, the pink colour trends began to fade. But for the year 2018, pink colour will become the perfect trend for your fashion. Designer Tom Ford and Prabal Gurung also made collections with shades of pink that makes the clothes look feminine. If you choose fashion with pink colour, you should combine it with the red colour to make it look more suitable.

5. Neutral colours

Neutral colours are the favourite colours of all the Fashioner. The neutral colour is still a trend in the year 2018. Neutral colours are popular in fashion style is the colour beige, Brown, and grey. If you prefer neutral colours in your fashion style, you should combine with black accessories.

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