Chocolate Will Probably Become Extinct at 2050?

Chocolate is a delicious food and liked by the people. Chocolate is a food or drink that is consumed by the first inhabitants of the ancient Mesoamerica. First chocolate could only be eaten by the nobility, but the moment anybody can enjoy it. General Chocolate was used as a promotional gift, thank-you, or as a celebration of the big day. It’s been a lot of chocolate products. If you love someone, you can draw the sympathy that person by giving gifts of chocolate is wonderful and delicious. The current form of chocolate vary greatly, there is a box-shaped, round, pattern, love and many other forms. Chocolate not only can be used as food, but Chocolate can also be made into a delicious beverage.

The food is made from the fruit of the cocoa. Cocoa trees can only be the body around roughly 20 degrees to the North and South of the equator. In addition, the fruit is grown only in forest areas as represented by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a fairly uniform temperature, high humidity, have areas with heavy rain, climate and soil rich in nitrogen.

If it grows in the wild, this tree can grow up to reach a height of 10 m. But if it doesn’t grow in the wild or in cultivation, then this tree can only grow as tall as 5 m with the heading sideways. Why made sideways? The purpose of cultivation using this technique is to multiply the productive branches so that the fruit produced is also more and more. You may be a person who is very fond of food.

It depends on the limited land area or in other words the tree cannot grow in a free place. Because of the dependency of cocoa is very susceptible to global warming. More than half of the world’s chocolate now comes from Ghana and Ivory Coast. In the year 2050 is estimated to be in the area will experience an increase in temperature and will minimize the growing area for the trees Chocolate.

For fans of chocolate, there’s good news for you. There has been a rescue mission that had been prepared. Mars is the company that is behind the Snickers brand and M&Ms. firms this valued at $35 billion. Mars has pledged Fund of around 1 Billion USD in an effort called “Sustainability in a Generation”. The purpose of this mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of supply chains and business to more than 60 percent in 2050.

The company has now joined with researchers from the University of California-Berkeley pf to find an appropriate solution to these problems. The Berkeley team experimented with using technology to manipulate the DNA of CRISPR editing the tree of cacao. The effort that they do is develop the seeds of cocoa to make it more powerful and nonperishable facing an unfriendly environment.

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